Information Technology

The Information Technology (IT) Department is responsible for managing the County’s technology infrastructure and central systems used by all departments across the enterprise.

These enterprise systems include financial, personnel, revenue management, e-mail, data sharing, and the County’s Web presence. IT also implements and manages departmental computer systems and provides support to departmental computer systems infrastructure.

IT incorporates five key areas that provide the following support: administrative, technical, integration, application, and network services to County departments and agencies.

Several Strategic initiatives that the Information Technology Department is working with other departments on include:

e-Government Services
This strategy focuses on utilizing the Internet to provide additional services and capabilities to County citizens.

A redesign of the County’s website was released in January 2008 that enables departments to make information available from their respective organizations. Instant access to Board agendas and meeting minutes, Geographical Information System data, and real estate information are available on the county’s website.

Future initiatives include providing a tax inquiry for personal property and real estate taxes, implementation of online employment applications, and registrations for recreation activities.

Broadband Assessment
In order to remain competitive, broadband connectivity is a necessary resource for new and existing businesses. Broadband access also enhances citizen services, as it provides County staff the benefit of online access in the field. Upon completion of the assessment, a strategy for implementing the recommendations countywide to include a County awareness program will be developed.