Emergency Shelters

Yellow Branch Elementary School
Campbell County's Emergency Operations Plan (PDF) includes plans for opening emergency shelters should citizens need to evacuate their homes and seek other accommodations during an emergency event.

Yellow Branch Elementary School
377 Dennis Riddle Road
Rustburg, VA 24588

This school is slated to serve as a primary emergency shelter. However, other schools or conducive buildings may be opened instead of or in addition to this site in order to meet the needs of citizens temporarily displaced by a crisis. The American Red Cross partners with Campbell County Public Safety to provide shelter amenities should a disaster occur.

Please note: In excessive heat or cold, any open, public controlled air facility can serve as a temporary cooling station, (malls, libraries, grocery stores, etc.). 

If the need arises to go to an emergency shelter, citizens should consider the following tips:
  • Take with you essential supplies (needed medical items, special dietary items, etc.), several changes of clothes, durable shoes, toiletries, and any prescription medications.
  • Take needed bedding (sleeping bags), blankets, pillows, and towels. For convenience take a clothes basket or plastic tote to contain laundry if staying in the shelter for consecutive days.
  • Ensure your pets' needs are considered as many shelters do not allow animals; make arrangements for pet care or contact the Campbell County Animal Care and Control Facility at 434-821- 4416 for information regarding sheltering options with the locality.
  • If you have children, be sure to prepare in advance any special items they may need; select and pre-pack a couple toys, books or games to keep children entertained should the need arise to shelter over several days.
  • Charge cell phones and electronic devices; take any needed chargers/appropriate cords to plug in units on-site.
  • Take emergency contact information with you as well as a notebook, pens, or other writing instruments in case you need to write down instructions or additional information while at the shelter.
  • Be sure to secure your home before you leave; pick up mail from your mail box, if one is located on-site.
For additional information on Emergency Shelters, please contact the Department of Public Safety at 434-332-9540; 283-9540; or 592-9540 or the local chapter of the American Red Cross.