Fire Division

Division Responsibilities

The Campbell County Department of Public Safety Fire Division coordinates and supports the efforts of the Campbell County volunteer fire departments with training opportunities and logistical support.

This coordination effort is managed in consultation with the Campbell County Fire Advisory Committee (FAC). The Fire Division’s high standards of training are unsurpassed with the many courses and “hands on” approach they have to offer our firefighters in a constant effort to maintain the safety of the residents of Campbell County.
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The Fire Division is also responsible for all fire investigations and inspections within Campbell County. The investigations are conducted by working with the eight volunteer fire departments to determine origin, cause, and, if necessary, arson investigations, which are coordinated efforts with local law enforcement agencies.

Please visit the Fire Marshal's Office page for detailed information on the following:

  • Fire Investigations;
  • Permitting;
  • Open Burning Regulations, and Ordinances;
  • Statewide Fire Prevention Code; and
  • Fire Safety.