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Campbell County Emergency Volunteer Portal
Welcome to the Campbell County Emergency Volunteers' Information portal. This site is designated as a communication resource for local EMS, Fire and Animal Control volunteers and members of the Public Safety community.

Those in emergency volunteer service agencies or those who serve on respective Public Service Committees wishing to submit updates to this site may send notices, photographs or other information items to Campbell County Public Safety via email for consideration.

If you are a citizen, in search of volunteer opportunities, please feel free to browse the site to learn more about how local EMS, Fire and Animal Control Volunteers serve in the community. If you're interested in becoming an emergency volunteer, visit the Volunteer Opportunities webpage to find the agency closest to you.

Radio System Upgrade Report
As Campbell County progresses with the slated radio/communication system upgrade, an updated status report is available. Read the report (PDF).
  1. Animal Care & Control Updates

    Stay updated on the latest news from the Animal Control Office.

  2. Awards & Recognition

    Join us in celebrating these local recipients of honorable awards.

  3. Call Statistics

    Browse the archived call statistics from the EMS responders.

  4. EMS Updates

    Stay informed with updates from the EMS division.

  5. Fire Updates

    Stay informed with updates from the Fire Division.

  6. Trainings & Events

    We hope you can attend one of our future training events.

  7. Volunteer Contact Information

    We are proud of the volunteer EMS and Fire crews that serve our county. Discover contact information for the various departments.

  8. Volunteers In Action

    Browse photographs of our brave volunteer fire fighters in action.