Campbell County Central Purchasing manages the centralized purchasing of services, materials and supplies for all departments of the County Government. Purchasing is also authorized to conduct procurement for the Campbell County Schools.


The goal of Purchasing is to acquire, on a timely basis, the maximum value possible for tax dollars spent to meet the specific needs of the County’s various operating departments and to make the purchasing process as competitive and objective as possible.


Central Purchasing operates in accordance with all federal, state, and county regulations and laws pertaining to public procurement and strives to ensure the fair and equitable treatment of all persons who deal with the County’s procurement system.


The information contained in this website has been prepared to assist you in doing business with the County.  This information is intended only as a general guide.

Any communication via the Internet or transmission by facsimile to or from this office is for the convenience of the bidder.  If a bidder chooses to submit any bid documents or request any information electronically or by facsimile, the bidder accepts all responsibility for any failure attributable to the transmission or receipt of any document, and Campbell County specifically disclaims any responsibility for such failure.