Volunteer Services Program

Program Services

The Campbell County Department of Social Services (DSS) promotes community involvement through its Volunteer Services Program. Volunteers perform hours of service of their own free will without compensation. The mission of the agency is to promote self-reliance and provide protection through community-based services. Not only is this achieved through the dedication of the staff and administration, but also through the volunteers. Volunteering expands the services and capabilities
of the agency by utilizing the skills and resources of those who are willing to help their fellow citizens.

Volunteers are required to submit to the following background inquires:
  • Child Protective Services registry
  • Division of Motor Vehicle inquiry
  • Federal Bureau of Investigation fingerprint Inquiry
The Volunteer Services Program offers many opportunities for interested persons to contribute to the community. They do not replace paid staff but assist staff to enhance services provided to the county. Opportunities are available during regular business hours (8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.). There are occasions volunteer services are needed after hours or on weekends.

Volunteer Opportunities

Campbell County offers a variety of volunteer opportunities:
  • Advisory - provide specialized knowledge to agency (i.e. serving on Interview Panel)
  • Case Aide - assist Family Services Specialist staff
  • Friendly Visitor - assigned to assist an elderly and or disabled client
  • Special Projects - Easter, Back to School, Thanksgiving, and Christmas - collect and distribute items to low income families during specified times of the year
  • Supportive Services - monetary or other donations that benefit area families
  • Transportation - transport clients to various appointments locally and at a distance
To volunteer with or obtain more information about volunteering with the Campbell County Department of Social Services, please email April Clark, Program Coordinator, or call 434-592-9585, ext. 9727.

For additional information on volunteerism, visit Virginia Service.