About Sheriff Clark

As your Sheriff, I will use my many years of experience and training to build stronger relationships between the sheriff’s office and the community. 

The Campbell County Sheriff’s Office motto is, “We are a part of the community, not apart from it,” which is a statement I hold true and why I was elected on the concept of “Committed to the County, Caring for the Community.”

As your Sheriff, I realize the citizens of Campbell County are our eyes and ears, our advisors, our supporters, and our families and friends. I will use the resources we have to place a greater emphasis on community policing and crime prevention programs.

I will work to re-institute the Citizens Community Advisory Board as well as provide more training and educational programs in the areas of security and fraud for businesses, senior citizens, schools, churches, and civic groups.

As your Sheriff, I will aggressively pursue those who poison our communities through the distribution of illegal drugs. Statistics show that the growing trend of drugs, like methamphetamine and opiates, increase the number of property and violent crimes. I will implement new enforcement efforts to combat these activities.

As your Sheriff, I will re-institute the use of K-9s to support our deputies and communities. K-9s can assist deputies through narcotics detection and tracking fleeing suspects. They strengthen our community by searching for missing children and elderly people. They secure our schools by identifying potential explosives and bombs threats. The use of K-9s adds an extra layer of protection to our communities that I fully endorse.

Sheriff W. Clark with Ruger

Experience At A Glance

Sheriff Clark brings the following experience to the Campbell County Sheriff's Office:
  • Over 36 years of law enforcement experience serving in the Central Virginia region;
  • Hands-on and supervisory experience in various divisions including: Field/Patrol, Traffic Safety, Tactical, Street Crimes, Crime Prevention, School Resource Officer Service, K-9 Handling, Hostage Negotiations, Personnel and Training, as well as Community Relations;
  • Graduate of several executive level development programs including: the Police Executive Leadership School (University of Richmond), and the Administrative Officers Management Program (NC State University);
  • Several specialty certifications permitting him to instruct the following: Firearms, Defensive Tactics, Tactical Operations, and Hostage Negotiations; and
  • Holds a B.A. in Organizational Management and Development.

As your Sheriff, I believe school safety is of the highest priority. I will continue to maintain our School Resource Officer program and ensure that we make every effort to support a safe learning environment for our children.

As your Sheriff, I strive to recruit the highest caliber of employees. I will make efforts to further diversify our agency. I will attempt to retain the fine men and women currently working for the Sheriff’s Office. I will fight for better salaries and promote a working environment that our deputies can feel secure and proud to be a part of. I believe the equipment and training used to support our deputies is a priority. I will ensure every deputy has the opportunity to improve their skills regularly through advanced training and will make every effort to ensure our deputies possess the equipment and technology they need to successfully perform their duties.

Working together we can build a stronger, safer community. Our families, businesses, and schools deserve nothing less. The economic future of our county depends on it to attract businesses and industry. As your Sheriff, I am committed to Campbell County and believe that our sheriff’s office is a vital part of the county team. I am dedicated to caring for and improving the quality of life of our citizens.

I appreciate your support and look forward to serving the citizens of Campbell County. Please feel free to contact our offices, sheriff@campbellcountyva.gov, or at (434) 332-9580.