Field Operations Division

Field Division 2019
The Field Operations Division provides 24-hour proactive patrol of Campbell County, as well as reactive response to calls for service. It is also responsible for traffic control and enforcement, preservation of crime scene evidence, and K-9 activities.

The Operations Division is divided into three shifts. The Field Operations Division is headed by a Field Captain. Each shift is headed by a Field Lieutenant. All shifts have access to specialized units. Each patrol shift is responsible for answering calls for service and enforcement.

The other Operations Division responsibilities include:
Traffic Enforcement

This function utilizes selective enforcement in those areas identified as problem traffic locations by the use of radar and by other methods.
An officer places someone under arrest

This function is responsible for answering calls for service and enforcement as requested as well as providing back-up assistance, building searches, tracking/locating persons, etc. This unit performs in accordance with General Order #510.
A police officer and the canine

Field Operations Division Captain

Captain Mark Schmitt was hired as a Deputy Sheriff with the Campbell County Sheriff’s Office in September 1999. 

During his career with Campbell County Sheriff's Office, Mark has held a variety of roles.

In January 2004, he was promoted to Lieutenant where he served as a Field Division supervisor, until he recently accepted his appointment to Field Captain.