In-Home Services

At the completion of a family assessment or founded investigation in which high or very high risk to a child is established, the Family Services Specialist will consult with the family to provide or arrange for necessary protective and rehabilitative services for the child and family, to the extent funding is available.

Directly or By Purchase
 The Family Services Specialist provides In-Home Services either directly or by purchase, without regard to income for a child, parent or guardian, and the alleged abuser or neglector when the local department documents that other resources are not available to cover the cost of the service. The local department can also help the family identify community resources that will support the family and prevent abuse and neglect.
Families Declining Services
 Families may decline services offered; however, in such circumstances the local department may determine that the case should be brought to the attention of the court. The decision to seek action to compel the services is based on the immediate safety factors for the child.
In-Home Services Process
 If a family accepts In-Home Services, the Family Services Specialist and family will work together to identify strengths and needs and develop a service plan to guide the family in making the needed changes to keep the child safe. The Family Services Specialist provides direct family services and case management to ensure the best outcomes for the child involved.
 The agency partners with other community agencies and organizations to support the family’s capacity to function successfully and to promote healthy, positive parenting. The In-Home Services case is closed when the service plan is completed and the level of risk is low.