Load Size, Tires, Brush and Yard Waste Code

Per County Code Chapter 12:
  • (i) Load Size. Residential debris hauled in any vehicle will be limited to the equivalent of a pickup truck bed of approximately 60 cubic feet per day. Any larger loads must be taken to the Region 2000 landfill.
  • (ii) Tires. County residents may dispose of eight (8) standard size car/pick-up truck tires from personal vehicles, in loads of up to four (4) tires at a time, at the Livestock Road transfer site at no charge within the same calendar year. All others must be taken to the Region 2000 Landfill.
  • (iii) Brush and Yard Waste. County residents may dispose of any brush and yard waste they collect from their private residences and transport themselves to the Livestock Road transfer site only. All commercial haulers of brush and yard waste must take their commercial loads to the Region 2000 Landfill.  The Towns of Altavista and Brookneal may bring their brush and yard waste, if segregated from other types of trash, to the Livestock Road transfer site only. 
Additional restrictions may be found in Chapter 12 (Garbage, Refuse, and Weeds) of the Campbell County Code.

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