Campbell County Children's Services Act (CSA)

The main goal of the Children's Services Act (CSA) is to provide high quality, child centered, family focused, cost effective, community-based services to high-risk youth and their families. State and local agencies, parents and private services providers work together to plan and provide needed services.

Each locality is required to have at least two interagency teams. They are the Community Policy and Management Team (CPMT) and the Family Assessment and Planning Team (FAPT).
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The Community Policy and Management Team (CPMT) is made up of at least one elected or appointed official or designee and the agency heads or their designees from the local Department of Social Services, the school system, Community Services Board (mental health), Court Services Unit (juvenile justice), the local Health Department, a parent and where appropriate a private provider. This team has administrative and fiscal responsibility for the local funds pool, for developing local policies and procedures and appointing members of the Family Assessment and Planning Team.

The Family Assessment and Planning Team (FAPT) is comprised of the supervisory level staff from the same agencies as the CPMT as well as a parent representative and often a private provider. These teams work with the families to develop the Individual Family Services Plan (IFSP).

Who is eligible for services?

Services under the CSA may be available to a child who meets at least one of the following descriptions:
  • Youth who require private placement for special education.
  • Youth who are in foster care or eligible for foster care services.
  • Youth who are eligible for services through a Child in Need of Services Parental Agreement.
Youth who have significant emotional or behavioral problems and may require services not available from our agency, require services of multiple agencies, or may be at risk of residential placement.

Virginia Children's Services Model

Virginia Children's Services Model



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CSA Code of Ethics

The Campbell County CSA staff are dedicated to providing quality services to their clients, based on a relationship of honesty, integrity and respect. Review the CSA Employee Code of Ethics.