Virginia Juvenile Community Crime Control Act

Youth in Community Service


The purpose of the Virginia Juvenile Community Crime Control Act (VJCCCA) is to provide alternatives to secure incarceration.

It is a cooperative program between the state and the county and provides a balanced, community-based system of services, programs, and sanctions for juvenile offenders.

VJCCCA programs and services allow youths to remain in the community where they will face appropriate consequences for their actions while receiving services to address their needs. VJCCCA programs balance community safety considerations with juvenile accountability and competency building. Locally, funds are used for Shelter Care, Outreach Detention, Community Service, and Family Coaching Services.

Court-ordered Community Service for Juveniles must be performed at a nonprofit organization. The Community Service Worksite Options chart has suggested places.

Tips on Preventing Youth Involvement in Crime

(for parents or guardians)
  • Engaging at-risk youth in community service activities that provide opportunities for positive bonding with responsible adults.
  • Opportunities for volunteering: non-profit organizations such as hospitals, homeless shelters, Habitat for Humanity, Parks and Recreation Departments.
  • Set clear standards and high expectations for appropriate behavior. Get involved in your child's life. Take an active interest in your child's daily activities and habits, likes and dislikes. There is no substitute for your attention and supervision. Encourage open communication, letting your child know that it's safe to talk to you about any situation.
  • Teach youth positive skills, and give them the opportunities to participate in and be recognized for meaningful decisions and activities. (source: Prevention Comes First, Parent Guide to Personal Safety for Youth.)
  • Assure teens access to after-school, weekend and summer youth development programs.