Cultural Resources

Natural Resources
Staunton River
The Staunton River is significant both for its scenic view and the natural condition of the area.

Leesville Lake
The lower and smaller of the two lakes that make up the APO Smith Mountain pumped storage and hydroelectric project. The lakes' 23,400 acres offer a variety of recreational activities.

Timberlake Dam
On June 22, 1995, after an unusually large early summer rainfall, portions of southwest Virginia received almost nine inches of rain. The excessive rainfall washed out the dam, releasing 2 million cubic meters of water. The dam has since been rebuilt and Timberlake lake refilled. The area now serves as a recreational outlet to surrounding residents.
Historical and Local Resources
Local Attractions
  • Altillo Vineyards (Hurt, VA) - A small family-run vineyard and winery, Altillo specializes in limited production of finely crafted wines. The vineyard currently produces shiraz, chardonnay, viognier, merlot, cabernet franc, and cabernet sauvignon. They supplement their own production by purchases of a small amount of high quality grapes from other Virginia growers. 
  • Auburnlea Farms (Gladys, VA) - A highlight of local agriculture, Auburnlea Farms offers a variety of all natural, top-quality beef, pork, chicken and dairy available for sale to the public. Their store, "The Grainery" offers visitors a one-stop shop for locally grown items, such as ground flours, spices, honey, jams, jellies and produce. In addition, they also provide artisan soaps, pottery and crafts as well. 
  • DeVault Family Vineyards (Concord, VA) - DeVault Family Vineyards, Campbell County's newest winery, is located on 32 lush, rolling acres in the Concord community. Available wines include Virginia Norton, Virginia Chardonel, and Lover's Blush. The family friendly farm also includes numerous small animals, wagon rides, a tennis court, and an indoor pool that is available for events year round. 
  • Hat Creek Golf Course (Brookneal, VA) - Hat Creek Golf Course is one of the most challenging 9 hole golf courses available in Virginia. The course is VSGA rated, par of 72, playing a total of 6,100 yards for 18 holes. A driving range and practice green is available as well as a fully stocked clubhouse with a snack bar.
  • Liberty Mountain Snowflex Centre (Candler's Mountain area) - Straddling the Lynchburg/Campbell County boundary is the Liberty Mountain Snowflex Centre, North America's first synthetic ski slope. Constructed by Liberty University, Snowflex affords visitors the opportunity to ski, snowboard, and tube year round, both day and night. A ski lodge is on site offering snacks, coffee, and equipment rentals while offering stunning views of the City of Lynchburg and neighboring Blue Ridge Mountains. 
  • Night Sky Farm (Brookneal, VA) - Night Sky Farm, located near Brookneal, is a small farm that specializes in a large variety of artisanal cheeses and soaps. Cheese varieties that are produced include feta, fromage de chavre, and a variety of special flavored cheeses. 
  • Sans Soucy Vineyards and Winery (Brookneal, VA) - Located in the heart of Virginia's garden spot, Sans Soucy Vineyards is the culmination of a family's love for wine being rooted in the idyllic sloped terroir of their Brookneal Estate. Sans Soucy specializes in growing Traminette, Viognier, Cabernate Franc, Petit Verdo, and Tempranillo varietals for fine boutique wines.
  • Thousand Trails Campground (Gladys, VA) - Thousand Trails Campground, a member's only camp ground with locations across the United States, offers a number of outdoor amenities including hiking trails, swimming, fishing, and miniature golf. Located approximately 25 minutes south of Lynchburg, Thousand Trails is a quick drive to many of the region's top tourist destinations. There are 191 camper hookups with Wi-Fi available. 
  • Yoders' Farm (Rustburg, VA) - Known for their hyrdoponic tomatoes, Yoders' Farm provides their guests with locally grown, gourmet produce, as well as a variety of fresh-baked, homemade goods and jams and jellies. In the spring, Yoders' boasts wonderful strawberries, and in the fall, pumpkins, alongside Campbell County's only Corn Maze.
Historical Resources
Historic Locations
  • Brookneal - Chartered in 1802 after John Brooke built a tobacco warehouse near the boat landing and ferry crossing on the Staunton River.
  • Cat Rock Sluice - Part of the Roanoke Navigational Canal, located near Brookneal.
  • Concord - Third earliest settlement in the County and an important railroad stop.
  • Evington - Second oldest settlement in Campbell County; the site of a mill and a tavern that served as a traveler's rest and later a railroad station.
  • Hat Creek - The oldest settlement in Campbell County located six miles northeast of Brookneal on Virginia Route 601.
  • Gladys - Once called "Pigeon Run" after flocks of now extinct passenger pigeons that roosted in the forests. Later named Gladys after the daughter of a railroad executive.
  • Kanawa Canal - The remains of the canal lock serve as a reminder of the historical significance of the Kanawa Canal. The canal once served as a primary source of commerce and transportation in central Virginia.
  • Leesville - A center of trade before the American Revolution.
  • Naruna - A Native American name with an unknown meaning serves as the village of Naruna, and early trade center and mail stop, later a train stop.
  • New London - The county seat of Bedford County before the formation of Campbell County in 1781. Site of a Revolutionary War arsenal that was moved during the war to Harpers Ferry, Virginia, (now West Virginia), an arsenal made famous by John Brown in 1859. New London was also the site of one of Patrick Henry's most famous court cases, the celebrated Hook Case, during which the famous orator unleashed his venom and derision against John Hook, one of the many Tories (British sympathizers) who lived in the New London area.
  • Rustburg - Established as the county seat in 1784 when Jeremiah Rust donated land for the first court house. Numerous old buildings line the streets of this village, including the 1848 Court House, now listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Also in Rustburg is Nickup, formerly a tavern where Patrick Henry rested on trips between his homes.
Historic Homes & Museums
  • Avoca Museum - Home of Colonel Charles Lynch, revolutionary patriot, and property on which the Lynch Tree is located. Lynch Tree - The old walnut tree under which Colonel Charles Lynch and others held informal court. Tories and criminals were tried under this tree in 1780 and thus evolved the term "Lynch Law". Tories were hung by a limb by their thumb nail until they cried "Liberty Forever" three times. Records indicate that none were killed.
  • Blenheim - Built before 1782, located on the Falling River near Brookneal.
  • Green Hill - Built by Samuel Pannell in 1797 near Long Island.
  • Plantation Gardens - The Gardens, located on State Route 622 (Lynbrook Road) were built in 1790 and include huge American and English boxwoods averaging 150-180 years old.
  • Red Hill - Patrick Henry National Memorial - Last home and burial place of Patrick Henry, the "Voice of the Revolution". Patrick Henry was Virginia's first governor (1776-1779 and 1784-1786) after independence was declared from Great Britain. The memorial includes Henry's reconstructed residence and the Osage Orange Tree. The Osage Orange Tree is a National Champion and in the American Forestry Hall of Fame with an 85 foot span and a height of 60-feet.
  • Shady Grove - Located on Route 650 near Gladys, was built on property inherited by Spotswood Henry, son of Patrick Henry.
  • White Hall - Built in 1810 by John S. Payne, the plantation contains two original construction native stone servant's quarters.