Litter and Environmental Commission

The Campbell County Litter and Environmental Commission performs volunteer services for Campbell County. This Commission participates in litter control and recycling education, VDOT's Adopt-A-Highway Program, Christmas Tree recycling, the County Fair, Earth Day, and other festivities in the County.

Mission Statement
To promote Campbell County as a good place to live and work that is environmentally safe, economically strong and educationally wise through litter prevention and recycling measures. The result will attract businesses/industries, improve our economic welfare, increase citizen pride, and encourage citizen responsibility.

Goals & Objectives
  • To increase citizen awareness of the organization's activities and efforts by utilizing free publicity and newsletters
  • To develop innovative means to enhance recycling efforts both in the private and public sectors in order to conserve our landfill space and cut down on waste
  • To educate our citizenry by providing presentations to educational facilities, civic and non-profit organizations and businesses on the importance of recycling and the recycling process
  • To divert more material from the solid waste stream and increase the rate of recycling by practicing the 3 R's to reduce, reuse and recycle
  • To beautify our County by initiating cleanups of illegal dump sites, which are eyesores and impose a health hazard to our citizenry
  • To stay abreast of new and innovative ideas on recycling and litter prevention by seeking learning opportunities, and establishing a website
  • To motivate our citizenry to take responsibility not only in their communities, but their County as a whole by fostering anti-littering programs, supporting Virginia Department of Transportation's Adopt-A-Highway program, and encouraging membership in the Campbell County Litter & Environmental Commission
  • To encourage community service time for persons convicted of violations of littering laws by contacting local judges and legislators
  • To dedicate March and April for educational programs in our school system

Commission Newsletters

Fall 2015 (PDF)
Summer 2015 (PDF)