Fresh Water Resources for Citizens

Due to weather conditions, geography and various other natural and man-made occurrences, ground water levels in any area of the United States may become low.

Campbell County is no exception.

Decreases in natural aquifers can cause:
  • Water levels in fresh water wells to fall below pump intakes
  • Extra sediment to build up in pumps and well shafts
  • A need for well shafts to be deepened or pumps lowered
  • Failed/dry wells to be permanently closed
The following information has been compiled to assist those in need of identifying alternate fresh water options.
  1. Documents & Forms

    We compiled a list of resources for you. Browse printable fact sheets, applications, and links to area resources.

  2. Drilling & Water Testing

    Services are privately available in most localities to aid citizens with their well drilling and water testing needs.

  3. Evington Community Fresh Water Supply Options

    Read the 5 options proposed to the Board of Supervisors.

  4. Funding & Loan Services for Water Well Replacement

    Easily find resources for water well replacement and repairs.

  5. Public Water Connections, Criteria & Contact

    Campbell County Utilities and Service Authority (CCUSA) provides public water to various areas of the locality.

  6. Public Water Line Expansion / Special Tax District

    A possibility is the extension of the Campbell County Utilities and Service Authority’s (CCUSA) public water line to the Evington area.

  1. Restoring Water Quality & Maintenance Tips

    Damaged or failing water wells can become contaminated by bacteria/organisms or chemicals which be harmful if ingested. Learn how to maintain your well and treat and test your water.

  2. Sources & Links

    Discover online resources for water testing and quality.

  3. Warning Signs & What to Do

    Get to know the warning signs of low water table or a failing well and what to do if these problems occur.

  4. Water Conservation Tips

    As our population continues to grow, so does our demand for water. It is estimated that a single person uses approximately 100 gallons of water daily, thus, it is essential that we take responsibility for our water usage and set goals to reduce the amount of water we consume in our everyday lives.

  5. Well Permits & the Application Process

    Easily learn all the steps you need to take to obtain a well permit.