Special Entertainment & Event Permits

Citizens or groups wishing to conduct a special event in Campbell County (for an activity with an anticipated attendance of over 250 people) must complete and submit a special event/special entertainment application in hard copy (and electronic/email format, if possible); an event site plan may also be required if indicated by local health and safety officials.

Special event applications must be received at least twenty-one (21) days prior to the scheduled event date to be considered for approval. Please note that in order to provide ample time for the review and approval process, it is recommended that applications for larger scale events be submitted at least three months prior to the event date.

Please contact the Campbell County Administration Office with any questions you may have.

Application Requirements

According to the Code of Campbell County, written notice must be rendered to all adjacent/abutting property owners, including properties across the street/roadway. Notices must be sent by first-class mail to the last known address. Please attach to the application a list of all affected property owners and copies of the written notice, indicating the date letters were mailed (approval must not be less than ten days of property-owner notification).