Landfill Financial Impacts

The financial implications in the landfill matter are significant as they affect the Campbell County constituency as a whole.

The County receives approximately $900,000/yr. from the Region 2000 Services Authority as compensation for the air space that was provided to the regional entity. Campbell County spends approximately $600,000/year in tipping fees to dispose of our county's waste.

The tipping fee levied on member jurisdictions, including Campbell is $28.75. This is a very modest rate.

If the lateral expansion were not approved, Campbell stands to:

• lose the $900,000/year in revenue;

• experience an increase in tipping/hauling costs thus taking our $600,000 expense higher; and

• potentially have to incur the cost of constructing a new facility—resulting in yet another landfill in the County.

In addition, the private haulers pay $38.75/ton. In the absence of the lateral expansion their cost to haul to a different location would go up—impacting their business and their customers.

Every dollar not spent on trash is a dollar available to the Board of Supervisors for other services that also affect the whole County (i.e. education, public safety etc.).