Twice-A-Year-Tax Billing Information


Board of Supervisors Adjusts Due Dates for First Installment of 2022 Tax Bills:  Tax Bill Extension

To allow ample time for residents to receive and process their personal property and real estate tax bills in the new bi-annual billing cycle, the Board of Supervisors, at their May 17 work session, extended the due date for the first installment of the 2022 tax bills to from June 6 to July 12. This extension is valid for the June 2022 billing cycle only.

A public hearing finalizing the extension ordinance will occur at the Board's regularly scheduled meeting on Tuesday, June 7 at 7:00 p.m. in the Campbell County Board Room (47 Courthouse Lane, Rustburg, VA).

Please note that you may receive multiple bills as child properties will now be mailed separately. (In the past they have been mailed together.) 

To view the Official Notice to Residents for this extension, click here

 To view the Official Proposed Ordinance, click here


Change to Billing Schedule in 2022 for Personal Property and Real Estate Taxes  

Beginning with the year 2022, Campbell County will bill real estate and personal property tax twice a year. This means that the annual tax bill that you are accustom to paying in December will be divided into two installment payments. In order to be prepared for this change, please review the following information:

When will payments be due?

Generally, your first payment will be due June 5th and your second payment on December 5th. These due dates will vary a day or two when the 5th falls on a weekend or a holiday.

Campbell County will mail you a tax bill at least 30 days prior to each due date.

May you pay the full year’s tax when making your June payment?


Will a late payment penalty and interest be charged on the amount that is due in June if you do not make the June payment?


May you wait and pay the full year’s tax when making your December payment?

Yes, but, you will be charged a late payment penalty and interest on the amount of tax that was due in June.

May you make prepayments on your account during the year?

 Yes, you may make a payment or series of prepayments anytime and for any amount during the year to reduce the amount you will owe in June and December. Just put your account number in the memo section of your check and indicate that it is a prepayment.

Please note: 

Vehicle license fees will not be divided into two installment payments. The full vehicle license fee on a vehicle that is assessed for 2022 will appear only on the June tax bill.

This change WILL NOT affect the date by which Land Use Applications are required to be filed.

This change WILL affect the due date for filing an application for Real Estate Tax Relief for the elderly and the disabled. Real estate tax relief applicants will be notified of the new application due date when the applications for 2022 are mailed.

Personal property tax on business equipment and machinery and tools will continue to be billed only once a year and be due on December 5th unless the 5th falls on a weekend or holiday.

Acceptable methods of payment will not change.

If you have any questions about Campbell County’s new billing process that begins in 2022, please contact the county Treasurer’s office at 434 332-9590.