Compliments & Complaints

Compliment Procedure

The Campbell County Sheriff’s Office is committed to providing the best law enforcement services possible. Citizen cooperation and input are essential if the agency is to succeed in this goal. If you have questions about any specific action taken by the Sheriff’s Office or have questions about how the agency operates, you can contact the Sheriff’s Office at any time.

If you wish to commend the actions of any member of the Campbell County Sheriff’s Office, you can:
  • Mail your comments to Sheriff Winston W. Clark, III
  • Call the Sheriff’s Office non-emergency number, 434-332-9580, and ask to speak with a supervisor or ask to speak to the member’s supervisor
  • Contact a supervisor at the Sheriff’s Office during business hours
Commendations received by the Sheriff for any Campbell County Sheriff’s Office member results in advising the employee of your gratitude as well as permanently recording his/her actions and your appreciation in the employee’s personnel file.

The employee may also be officially commended before their peers and, depending on the situation, could be considered for other Sheriff’s Office and/or community awards or recognition. Minimally, the employee is made aware of your kindness and appreciation.

Complaint Procedure

 Download the Citizen Complaint form
It is the policy of the Campbell County Sheriff’s Office to promptly investigate allegations of wrongdoing by Sheriff’s Office members and to take appropriate action as to discipline, policy change or exoneration.

A complaint means that someone is dissatisfied with our performance. If we are doing something wrong, the complainant will help the Sheriff’s Office recognize and ultimately rectify the wrongdoing.

It is the intent of the Campbell County Sheriff’s Office to provide its citizens with only the highest quality law enforcement services.

How to File A Complaint

To file a complaint, you need to complete one of the following:
  • We encourage complaints be initiated in person. Complaints can be filed 24 hours a day with a Patrol shift supervisor.
  • During regular business hours, personnel are available at the Sheriff’s Office to take a complaint.
  • If you are unable to visit the Sheriff’s Office in person, you may mail a completed Citizen Complaint form (PDF) to the Sheriff's Office.
  • If you are under 18 years of age, you must have a parent or guardian present with you when you speak to a Supervisor or, if you submit a complaint form via mail, your parent or guardian must sign the form.


Once a Citizen Complaint form (PDF) is submitted to the Sheriff’s Office, you will be notified by mail that your complaint has been received and an investigation has been initiated. Your complaint will be investigated according to appropriate procedures.

You will be contacted by the investigating supervisor to discuss the complaint. Once the complaint investigation has concluded, you will receive a letter notifying you of its completion.

The Sheriff’s Office encourages legitimate complaints be filed as a means in which to help the Sheriff’s Office and its members become accountable to the public. However, false, misleading, and/or malicious allegations may result in civil and/or criminal sanctions.

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