Retiree Benefits

Campbell County Retiree Benefits

Retirees of Campbell County can access information on their current health and dental plans as well as required forms for open enrollment time frames. Helpful links to Anthem and other services are also provided.

Campbell County's Open Enrollment Period for 2023 benefits selection is from Tuesday, October 25 through Friday, November. This year all participating retirees must complete an open enrollment form for to indicate their selection of plan coverage, as there are some changes and added options.

Please submit your forms via email to or mail a copy of your signed form to Campbell County Management Services, Att: Heather Breeden, P.O. Box 100, Rustburg, VA 24588.

* Please note that for those grandfathered into the previous KeyCare program, it is now retitled as KeyCare 750. 

Important Information and Forms for the 2023 Benefits Enrollment Period 

Blue View Vision Flyer

Health and Dental Open Enrollment Packet for Retirees 2023

Health and Dental Open Enrollment Form for Retirees 2023

HealthKeepers Find a Provider Instructions

Please note that the "submit form" option may not work for some internet browsers. To ensure your forms are received, download your completed form and email it directly to 

Summary of Benefits for 2023 Plan Coverage 

Summary of Benefits for High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP) with HSA

Summary of Benefits for HealthKeepers Plan with HSA

Summary of Benefits for Health Plan with No HSA/Rx (Now KeyCare 750)

Summary of Benefits for HDHP Medicare Disabled No Rx

Health Savings Account Information 

Retirees can continue to make/receive contributions to the Health Savings Account program as long as they remain eligible under federal criteria and guidelines, as follows:

• You are covered under a qualified high deductible health plan;

• You are not covered by any other health plan, including your spouse’s health insurance

• You are not covered by spouse’s Medical Flexible Spending Account (FSA);

• You are not enrolled in any part of Medicare or Tricare;

• You have not received Veteran’s health benefits in the past 90 days prior to an HSA initial enrollment;

• You are not claimed as a dependent on another person’s tax return.

 Creditable Coverage

Creditable Coverage Letter for HDHP Retirees with HSA

Creditable Coverage Letter for Retiree HealthKeepers with HSA

Creditable Coverage Letter EE Active PPO plan (Now PPO 750)

Not Creditable Coverage Letter Medicare Disabled PPO

Not Creditable Coverage Letter NOT PART D Creditable Medicare Disabled HDHP 


Campbell County participates in the Virginia Retirement System (VRS). Up-to-date retirement information and handbooks on the various retirement plans can be found and downloaded on the VRS website. Please visit the VRS Publications page for these materials.   

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Cobra/Delta Dental

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