Virginia Initiative for Education and Work (VIEW)


The Virginia Initiative for Education and Work (VIEW) offers Virginians living in poverty the opportunity to: 

  • Achieve economic independence by removing barriers to work and by providing positive incentives to work;
  • Provide work skills necessary for self-sufficiency;
  • Allow families living in poverty to contribute materially to self-sufficiency; and
  • Define the responsibilities of and expectations for recipients of public assistance.


As a condition of eligibility, each recipient of Temporary Assistance for Needy Families and TANF-Unemployed Parent meeting specific criteria, must participate as required in the VIEW program, unless otherwise exempt. If you have questions about exemptions, please contact a VIEW or Benefit Programs Worker.

The VIEW Program is designed to promote the self-sufficiency of participants through engagement in program activities until the participant finds employment. The VIEW worker will complete an initial assessment that will consist of an explanation of VIEW program opportunities and requirements. Additionally, it may include an explanation of the availability of screening for learning disabilities, mental health issues, and alcohol and substance use, etc. The VIEW worker will review and explain the rights and responsibilities of the VIEW program at the time of the initial assessment. 


While in the program, individuals may be placed in activities such as job search, job skills training, on the job training, vocational education and training, full employment program, public service program, education below post-secondary (GED, ESL, etc.) all with the goal of long-term employment. Depending on the VIEW activity, supportive services may be provided. 


Reassessments provides an opportunity for the VIEW Worker and the participant to review the participant's progress in the program and address any problems which may present an obstacle to achieving self-sufficiency.

Time Limit

Participants in the VIEW Program is limited to twenty-four months of TANF eligibility. The twenty-four months of eligibility is an accumulated period of time, which includes any month that an individual was a mandatory participant.

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