VIEW Transportation Services Support

Transportation Related Services

Transportation services may be provided to enable participants to travel to and from authorized VIEW activities or employment. 

The participant must be regularly attending the activity, and, if in an education activity, making satisfactory progress, to continue receiving transportation services. This may include gas/bus vouchers.

Car Repairs 

A request for payment of a repair may be approved if the following conditions are met:

  • Public transportation is not available;
  • The agency cannot provide transportation and there are no other available resources; and
  • The general condition of the vehicle justifies the cost of the repairs; 

The participant must provide documentation of:

  • Required insurance coverage for the vehicle;
  • A valid driver’s license; and 
  • A registration showing the vehicle is in the participant’s name. The vehicle may be co-owned if the participant’s name is on the registration. In the case of TANF-UP households, the registration may be in either one of the participant’s names or both their names.