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Management Services

  1. Full-time Employee Orientation

    Online orientation packet for Full-Time employees.

  1. Part-time Employee Orientation

    Online orientation packet for Part-Time employees.

Public and Employee Relations

  1. Be Campbell - Tell Us What Being Campbell Means to You!

    We want to hear what from your perspective and experience what it means to be a part of the Campbell County Community. By sharing your... More…

  2. Campbell County Resident Feedback Form

    We value your input and would like to hear your ideas on how we can grow and develop as a locality. Please provide below any... More…

  3. Freedom of Information Act Request for Public Records
  1. Be Green, Campbell - Volunteer for a Green Team!

    Since its inception, local Green Teams, consisting of volunteers who wish to help keep Campbell County clean, continue to make... More…

  2. COVID 19 Vaccine Interest Form for Campbell County Residents

    As the Virginia Department of Health continues to rollout COVID-19 vaccines (for those eligible under Phase 1B), there may be local... More…

  3. Give Us 5, Campbell - Take the Pledge for a Greener, Cleaner County!

    In tandem with our Keep Campbell County Beautiful awareness campaign, we are inviting our citizens to 'Give Us 5' - five feet, five... More…