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Campbell County Redistricting Feedback Form

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  2. Campbell County Redistricting Survey

    Per Federal law and the Code of Virginia, Campbell County is required to adjust election districts every ten years in correlation with the most recent decennial Census data. 

    In Virginia, redistricting is mandatory for localities that elect candidates from a district or ward system, to equalize, as nearly as practical, representation in the election districts on the basis of population. 

    The Board of Supervisors reached consensus to move forward with the following plan at their work session on May 17, 2022.  The Board will glean feedback then hold a public hearing later to finalize new election district boundary lines.

     Please take a few moments to review the proposed plan via the weblinks provided and submit any comments.

    All feedback will be compiled and submitted to the Board of Supervisors for consideration.   

    Thank you for your participation and feedback in this important endeavor.  

  3. Proposed Redistricting Plans App

    The following link provides the proposed option, plus indicates the current election district boundary lines.


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