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Board of Supervisor Member Orientation


  1. 1. Welcome
  2. 2. Campbell County Vision, Values & Mission
  3. 3. Your Information
  4. 4. Payroll Automatic Deposit Information
  5. 5. Employee Handbook
  6. 6. Acceptable Use Policies
  7. 7. Keyless Entry Agreement
  8. 8. New Health Insurance Marketplace Coverage Options
  9. 9. Child Support Withholding Notice
  10. 10. Signature Page
  • Welcome

    1. CC VA - Vertical Crop

    2. Welcome to Campbell County

      Congratulations on becoming the newest member of the Campbell County family! We hope you find your new role in public service both rewarding and challenging. We are proud to have you serve with us, and would like to welcome you to our team. In Campbell County, we work together to make a difference not just a living, so we know that it takes a diverse group of people, with varying skills and backgrounds to accomplish this goal. In fact, it is this collaboration that makes our locality so very successful - a strong, passionate group of many can accomplish more than what one individual can accomplish alone. Again, welcome home, and thank you for choosing to serve with us!